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Me I've been an actor for over 40 years and I've performed in everything from Shakespeare to rock musicals but what impresses people most is that I once presented Play School and the fact that I'm one of the people telling you to "Mind the Gap" on London Underground! For the past 20 years I've been involved in recording audiobooks. I've reached 500+ (!) and if I didn't have a list of all those books I don't think I'd believe it! This website will concentrate on the audiobooks and will, I hope, answer most of the questions that I'm asked when I go around the country talking about what I do. How many books have you recorded? speaker

“Sometimes, rarely, you finish an audio book and wonder if you will ever hear such a perfect combination of voice, text, and mood again. Gordon Griffin won an award for his reading of Oxygen; I’m not surprised.........” Sue Arnold, The Guardian.


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