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Me I've been an actor for over 40 years and I've performed in everything from Shakespeare to rock musicals but what impresses people most is that I once presented Play School and the fact that I'm one of the people telling you to "Mind the Gap" on London Underground! For the past 20 years I've been involved in recording audiobooks. I've reached 500+ (!) and if I didn't have a list of all those books I don't think I'd believe it! This website will concentrate on the audiobooks and will, I hope, answer most of the questions that I'm asked when I go around the country talking about what I do. How many books have you recorded? speaker

“Sometimes, rarely, you finish an audio book and wonder if you will ever hear such a perfect combination of voice, text, and mood again. Gordon Griffin won an award for his reading of Oxygen; I’m not surprised.........” Sue Arnold, The Guardian.


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Nick Dobson Librarian Redbridge

On behalf of the London Borough of Redbridge I should like to thank you for providing a most entertaining evening for our audience last night........a fascinating insight into the world of spoken word books. It was a great pleasure to meet you after just knowing his voice. You're a great performer and a charming gentleman!
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April, 2014


NICCOLO RISING was one of two massive Dorothy Dunnett books that I recorded before Christmas. Satisfying though challenging especially knowing that Mrs Dunnett has a legion of dedicated fans. I was pleased therefore to read this review in the current AudioFile magazine:


Dorothy Dunnett
Read by Gordon Griffin

The first in Dunnett's richly detailed eight-volume series set in fifteenth-century Bruges boasts an alarming number of characters. This might confuse listeners if it weren't for Gordon Griffin's stellar performance. Griffin gives each new character a distinctive voice and identifiable mannerism. Nicholas vander Poele, known as Claes, begins as a buffoonish merchant's apprentice, but by using wit and daring, he manages to build a great fortune through trade. Dunnett paints beautiful word portraits of exotic fragrances and textures, and Griffin takes listeners into cargo-rich galleys and ports as bizarre and glamorous as Majorca and the African coast. Griffin also handles the hero's complex maneuverings smoothly. However, noticeable edits--pauses in odd places--interrupt the flow of this sweeping historical fiction and prove distracting. S.J.H. AudioFile 2013, Portland, Maine [Published: DECEMBER 2013]

Posted on Friday April 11th, 2014


Jill Paton Walsh took on the daunting though delightful task of re-creating Lord Peter Wimsey - carrying on where Dorothy L Sayers left off. I had fun recording her recent THE LOST SCHOLAR. Dastardly goings on amongst the 'dreaming spires' starring Lord Peter and his wife Harriet Vane, not forgetting his indefatigable valet Bunter.

Posted on Friday April 11th, 2014

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Barry Koron   San Francisco 

7:21am on Thursday, September 19th, 2013 

Dear Mr. Griffin, what is your connection with Anthony Bowles?

Gordon says:  Anthony Bowles taught me at college in the 60s. And I was a member of his singing group also in the 60s. That's my only connection. A talented man

Brian Clegg   Swindon 

2:37pm on Friday, March 8th, 2013 

Glad to hear you found my Infinity book fascinating (if stretching) - I've only just found out about it, so looking forward to hearing it!

Gordon says:  Brian. I didn't expect YOU to read that! I admit I found it fascinating and learned a lot. Quite a tough book to record as there were things to describe that on the page were obvious but I had to somehow describe them. I hope you think it's worked as an audiobook. Gordon

Alexavier   WvHBHOvlvlLoYydeV

11:57am on Thursday, September 27th, 2012 

For the love of God, keep writing these atircles.

Lois   Nottingham 

4:05pm on Thursday, July 12th, 2012 

So sad to hear the tragic news of Paul Sussman. He was a wonderful writer and I have heard the interview and he comes across as such a lovely man. It was a refreshing change an informal interview. It is a fitting tribute that as Narrator of the audio... read more »

paulmartin42   aberdeen 

3:16pm on Friday, August 5th, 2011 

Further to "Whose name on the audio book do I scan for .... A totally new dimension on the written version." I have trouble with various audio publishers - some play up the name of the reader on the spine most do not. I think I was previously askin... read more »

Gordon says:  Hi Paul. I am not sure I exactly understand your problem. Do you mean that the readers name is obliterated by the bar code and library information? It's true that the reader's name is not usually on the spine. I saw demonstrated recently a brilliant device like a scanning pen. You scan the bar code and you are told the book's title, the author and the reader. If you want to have the reader's name on the spine then let me know. Or indeed anything else you think will help let me know and I will pass on that request to the publishers. Unfortunately I have no influence on how the books are presented. Thanks for getting touch. And please let me know if you want me to help further.

Maverick   NqaphmdVwOstBkpmg

7:23am on Thursday, August 4th, 2011 

Do you have more great artlices like this one?

lois   Nottingham 

5:16pm on Monday, December 20th, 2010 

I am most disappointed to read that you have made no mention of my favourite ...Alvarez the wonderful detective by the author Roderick Jeffries narrated by you the latest being A Question Of Motive. the dialogue between Alvarez and Dolores his cousin... read more »

Gordon says:  Ah Lois, yes. How could I forget dear old Alvarez? Always such fun to record. One of my very favourite policeman. A master creation by Roderic Jeffries. I should have included it!!!

paulmartin42   aberdeen 

1:24pm on Saturday, September 25th, 2010 

Whose name on the audio book do I scan for .... today I am more than enjoying Robert Goddard's Sight Unseen. A totally new dimension on the written version.

Gordon says:  Hi Paul. I am not quite sure what you want to know. Do you mean who read it? I did. I am chuffed it was such a good experience for you!

Alison   Norfolk 

4:05pm on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 

I have had some feedback and we will do a summary of it in a few weeks
so will pass that on. One comment : 'It was fascinating listening to
Gordon Griffin's life story and his readings and useful to hear about
the recording and production process.... read more »

Alison   Norfolk 

3:57pm on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 

Thank you very much for visiting Norfolk yesterday.
The audience was very appreciative and thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your experiences and the whole audio story.I know many will be looking out for your readings and maybe becoming a follower o... read more »

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