Delighted to be involved in this (below). I’ll be recording the introductions for this production, reading from the classic book itself. What a lovely job! The production opens in Hamburg in September 2022.

“This production is the premiere of a promising new stage-adaptation of the novel, by director Paul Glaser, specifically developed for The English Theatre of Hamburg. With imagination and great attention to detail, involving innovative set, lighting and sound design along with narration by London-based “king of audio books”, Mr Gordon Griffin, this production promises to be a magical stage adventure celebrating the world famous author, Charles Dickens”.

I very much enjoyed chatting to the Worderbirds (Harriet Thorpe, Sherrie Hewson and Dee Anderson) about my career. Do have a look, it’s great fun. Find it here ‘YouTube –  Wonderbirds – Gordon Griffin’.

At the beginning of 2022 I decided to relaunch my TV and theatre career. I have a wonderful new agent (Caroline at Felix de Wolfe) and things are looking good. I won’t be giving up recording audiobooks of course!

In January I appeared in an episode on The CROWN (Netflix) series 5. Also in January I appeared onstage for the first time for quite a while as Kemp in Joe Orton’s ENTERTAINING MR SLOAN (seen here with Harriet Thorpe and Alan Cox).

One of my most exciting jobs of recent years was being on the world premier recording of the comedy musical SOMETHING’S AFOOT. It was a joy to work with such a talented cast – West End royalty! It was produced by John Yap and is available from Jay Records.