Recording audiobooks can be a solitary job. You have to reply on your instincts and if you get any feedback it often comes in the form of reviews or feedback from listeners which of course means that the comments come AFTER the book is recorded and published. I was thrilled to get the following message. It is encouraging and makes me feel that I am doing it right! Here’s the message:
I’ve loved your voice for very many years and listened to you ‘grow’ as it were.
Such a comforting voice and you know to act the narrative rather than simply read it. Audio companies don’t seem to realise that a good story can be spoiled by an appalling reader who doesn’t know the craft. Cost cutting of course but then, by the time you realise that, you’ve bought the book and they have their profits.
There are still some of us who appreciate and value your craft Gordon and I thank you sincerely for making many good stories even better by brilliant reading. xxxx