Big Brother, newspeak, Room 101. These phrases originate from George Orwell’s 1984 of course. Often described as one of the most influential novels of the last century, I am delighted to be recording it for the RNIB. It’s dark, sinister and…well, Orwellian!!!!


They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day and it certainly took me many days to record the nine Falco novels of Lindsay Davis that are set in Ancient Rome. On Friday 13th of February I completed the series. The novels have a ‘who-dun-it’ element and some are pretty gory and graphic but the main element that runs ...

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Herts And Minds

My first talk of the year. If you're anywhere near Ware please come and say Hello. I am talking about how audiobooks are prepared and recorded and telling how I got involved in that world. I’ll be reading extracts from some books I have record although not from all 670! I’ll be at the Ware ...

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