If my calculations are correct, I have recorded a staggering 43 audiobooks this year. That's a LOT of talking. I started the year by completing two series: Lindsay Davies' early Roman tales were great fun and appropriately my final book in the series was TIME TO DEPART. I also competed Peter Ransley's Cromwell series (I ...

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How Nice!!!

Some charming feedback from a talk I did recently in North London : "Even as I write, your fan base is increasing by the minute. Wonderful talk, Gordon, delivered with elegance and aplomb and wit. Very many thanks. We all loved listening to you...." That makes me feel good!!!


I've done my talk all over the place (from Kirkcaldy to Canterbury, from Carlisle to Cardiff, from Dublin to Guernsey) but never in my home town of Whitley Bay - until last week (Wednesday October 14th) at the brand new library. It was great to see friends and family there. A couple of school pals ...

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Thrilled to have an article in AUDIOFILE magazine, the audiobook world's 'bible'. Here it is:- Gordon Griffin On August 10 and 11 of this year, Gordon Griffin went into a London studio and recorded ELEGY: THE FIRST DAY ON THE SOMME, by Andrew Roberts. It was the award-winning narrator’s 700th audiobook. Seven hundredth! His voice ...

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A lot of media interest has been generated by my reaching the 700 mark! 700 audiobooks!?! Even I find it unbelievable but there they all are on this site. I've done interviews for magazines and newspapers and even ITV Tyne Tees which I'll put up on here soon. But here's a long chat from Tino ...

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700 NOT OUT!

A lovely surprise at the studio when I sat down to have a lunchtime cuppa, when the boss and the staff of the studio appeared with champagne and a card to celebrate my 700th audiobook (The book that marked the milestone was Andrew Roberts' "Elegy: The first day on the Somme" a detailed account of ...

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Had a lively interview with Simon Logan on Radio Newcastle. How did a local boy (Newcastle/Whitley Bay) come to be the person who recorded a record-breaking 700 audiobooks............? Good question!!!

Gordon Griffin – the book!

I am often asked (after a talk usually) why I don't put my experiences into a book. When a well-known writer (who came to one of my talks) also suggested it, I gave it some serious thought. So....early days, but watch this space!!!!


To give it its full title, "Night Raid: The True Story of the First Victorious British Para Raid of WWII", by Taylor Downing. It's the story of Operation Biting, the paratroop raid on the German Würzburg radar facility at Bruneval in northern France. Actually, it's quite a bit more than that - it starts off ...

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Off later to Leicester to record two beautiful books. The Moth Snowstorm is by environmentalist Michael Macarthy. It's a celebration of nature but also a shocking chronicle of how (in this short century) we have done so much to destroy the very nature we love so much. It's a beautiful book. Moving and passionate. So ...

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