We narrators work in a vacuum. We don’t see our audience so there’s no instant reaction of course. That’s why feedback is so important. I publish the following message I received NOT to boast but to remind myself why we do this wonderful job. Thanks to Suzanne for letting me post it here:

Hello, Mr. Griffin
In the fervent hopes that you are, indeed, the right Gordon Griffin (how could you not be?), I wanted to extend my embarrassingly frothing praise for your Audible rendition of my favorite book of all time, Anthony Burgess’s “Earthly Powers,” which I have read at least 15 times over the course of my lifetime. After my initial shock and attendant delight that the book was even available as an audiobook (the book is hard to find in the USA), I could only hope that the narration wouldn’t tarnish or diminish it, as narration so often does. You actually did the unimaginable—took the story to the next level. Hilarious, perfect, accurate, brilliant; you brought everybody to life, and evoked all the magic of my first reading of the book, back in the late ‘80s, when I discovered it in a used bookstore in Malaysia over the course of a gritty world trip.… I cannot thank you enough. I’m on my fourth “listen” now (I take a half-year’s break between EP binges); the only problem is the looks I get from passers-by as I sob and laugh like a lunatic, plugged into my silly headphones.
Thanks again!