It’s great to get feedback especially when it’s from the writer of the book you’re recording. I am recording the Hillsbridge Sagas by Janet Tanner – a four part series that follows the Hall family in the mining community of Hillsbridge in Somerset starting around 1900. I have already recorded the first part and reckon that by the time I have finished the four-part cycle it will take about 95 hours to listen to! The first part (The Black Mountain) I found very moving. I record part two in a few weeks time so I was particularly thrilled to get a message from Janet saying what a ‘terrific job” I do and how she ‘couldn’t be happier’ with my ‘wonderful’ reading. This is very satisfying. We narrators are the link between the writer and the listener so this kind of feedback is so welcome and gratifying. If the writer is happy then so am I!