How things have changed in the audiobook world since I started all those years ago. Then we recorded onto tape and read from photocopied pages or sometimes from the actual book. Now our scripts are downloaded onto iPads and then transferred to an App so that we can mark up those scripts. And perhaps the biggest learning curve of all, has been learning to record from home. Now, after having recorded six titles, I’ve got the hang of it. I must say that I enjoy recording in a studio. I like to concentrate completely on the story I am telling. Others are listening out for any errors. Now I, as well as telling the story, I have to listen to myself telling it. That took a while to get used to.

I have also done a couple of talks and even a Q and A session via Zoom!

When recording from home I like to get an early start when things are quiet and that sometimes means I go into my recording booth in my bathrobe. It’s very relaxing!

What next? I have no idea but I am up for it – whatever it is?